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Hey all. :) My first time making a batch of icons for this fandom. I'm totally in love with Carl Edwards, so, I made a few icons of him tonight. :) Only four behind the cut for tonight. But this is also my first post to the community, so, in addition to the icons I'll share a little bit about myself. :)

My favorite band is Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Why I have much love for a ton of other bands, they're still my favorite band.
My favorite TV show of the moment would have to be South Park. :) Much love for that show.
My favorite book of the moment is The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman
My favorite movie right now is Rocky Horror Picture Show, tis the season. :)
My absolute favorite driver, though I adore quite a few others, is Carl Edwards.
I don't have a favorite track, though I'm not a huge fan of the short tracks.

Alright, now that I'm done with that, onto the cut that hides the icons. :)

If you decide to take 'em :
1) Comment on which ones you took
2) While I don't require credit, it is appreciated.
- if you decide to credit, please credit darlabear -- my icon journal.
3) Don't Hotlink!

01.darlabear_carl01 02.darlabear_carl02

03.darlabear_carl03 04.darlabear_carl04

[ icons x posted to a few other communities. ]
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